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Twin Drum Mags for EVERYTHING!

Twin Drum Mags for EVERYTHING!

Hey Everyone! Marui released some new products to pimp and pump your gun with endless action. Who wouldn't like that? (*v*)/~

Website Launched

Website Launched

We thank you for your patience regarding the large maintenance we had, to re-new our store system and interface.

We are now providing all our International customers with the same prices as our domestic Japanese  customers which means lower costs!

  • ¥27,378

    Pursuit of reality of appearance: Measure from genuine article, realistically reproduce details of detail. In addition, metal materials are used in various places, you can enjoy the cool texture and weight of the metal.

  • ¥18,468

    Variation Expansion Among the rich MP5 series, the most compact model is MP5 Kurtz A4. Barrel cut to the limit, and MP5 Kurtz A4 with a total length of only 325 mm without the stock can be hidden inside the suitcase as it is by setting a short size magazine.

  • ¥28,188

    As an American military formula carbine gun, M4A1 Carbine which is active all over the world right now. At Tokyo Marui, we reproduced models with new enhanced stocks that are currently used for M4A1 in a real way.

  • ¥44,388

    PSG-1 who was active in military and police special forces in various countries around the world including Germany. In Tokyo Marui, thorough design from performance to each detail was done to model up as a sniper rifle the most electric powered gun.

  • ¥32,238

    M16 of Knights · Armament Co., which has developed various equipments for US military special forces, that is Stoners' rifle 'SR series'.

  • ¥21,708

    While sub machine gun size, MC 51 deduced effective range as equivalent to assault rifle. We pursued a special unit model developed based on H & K's masterpiece G3 series thoroughly as an electric gun both inside and outside.

  • ¥37,098

    In recent years, the M14, which has been increasingly appreciated mainly in the United States, has a really wide variety of customs in order to accommodate the current battle style. Among them, the electric gun M14 Sawcom is the one that recreates the short custom that is paying particular attention.

  • ¥21,708

    A new model added to MP5 with many variations from 1978 is SD5 and SD6 equipped with suppressor.