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Twin Drum Mags for EVERYTHING!

Twin Drum Mags for EVERYTHING!

Hey Everyone! Marui released some new products to pimp and pump your gun with endless action. Who wouldn't like that? (*v*)/~

Website Launched

Website Launched

We thank you for your patience regarding the large maintenance we had, to re-new our store system and interface.

We are now providing all our International customers with the same prices as our domestic Japanese  customers which means lower costs!

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  • ¥21,708

    A new model added to MP5 with many variations from 1978 is SD5 and SD6 equipped with suppressor.

  • ¥20,088

    Reproduce a unique style: faithfully reproduce the form of Famous such as a unique barrel shape, hand guard easy to hold gouged and easy to hold, carrying handle with open site arranged. Rubber coating is applied to the bat plate with spikes, and the stability feeling at launch is outstanding.

  • ¥28,188

    As an American military formula carbine gun, M4A1 Carbine which is active all over the world right now. At Tokyo Marui, we reproduced models with new enhanced stocks that are currently used for M4A1 in a real way.

  • ¥20,898

    Simple operability: The operability of MP5 that you can master with a small amount of training can be experienced even by Airsoft Gun. It is attractive that you can intuitively perform basic operations such as selector, trigger, magazine change.

  • ¥24,138

    Electric Gunveta Spetsnaz is a model that reproduced the AK custom which the Russian special forces Vetta used. It is CQB (= close battle) specification which customized AK 47 for light weight and small size for mission to counter terrorism in urban district.

  • ¥31,428

    Rail adapter system: R.A.S. hand guard with 20mm wide mounting rail on three sides was reproduced with aluminum material. By attaching the included foregrip to the rail on the bottom of the hand guard, the stability and the good handling are greatly improved. Also, a hand guard panel that protects the rail is also included on both sides.

  • ¥26,568
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    In the G36 series, most of the parts excluding engine parts such as launch mechanisms are made of reinforced plastic, and realize surprising lightness as a gun. 

  • ¥24,138

    Realistic reproduction of details: Measure and verify from non-movable real gun, pursue reality through details such as M16A2 form and moving parts of each part. It is a model that you can feel the real monsters.