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Twin Drum Mags for EVERYTHING!

Twin Drum Mags for EVERYTHING!

Hey Everyone! Marui released some new products to pimp and pump your gun with endless action. Who wouldn't like that? (*v*)/~

Website Launched

Website Launched

We thank you for your patience regarding the large maintenance we had, to re-new our store system and interface.

We are now providing all our International customers with the same prices as our domestic Japanese  customers which means lower costs!

Standard Electric Gun

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  • ¥24,138

    P90 which made a unique form called violin. The grip shape integrated with the stock and the magazine located on the top of the main unit, the model compacted in a compact and unlimited realistic model with an electric gun.

  • ¥37,098

    In recent years, the M14, which has been increasingly appreciated mainly in the United States, has a really wide variety of customs in order to accommodate the current battle style. Among them, the electric gun M14 Sawcom is the one that recreates the short custom that is paying particular attention.

  • ¥40,338

    The 89 type rifle boasting unprecedented reproducibility, "89 formula 5.56 mm rifle <bent umbrella formula>" which adopted the folding stock appears.

  • ¥28,188

    To adapt to CQB (= proximity battle), such as a flat top / receiver that makes it compact and easy to navigate, capable of mounting optical devices such as dot sites, and Enhanced Stock that can be adjusted in 6 stages, cut the barrel to 10.5 inches

  • ¥50,000

    In order to add a realistic sense of presence with an electric rifle, pursue a recoil shock that can be experienced directly at shooting. In the AK74 series, shooting cycles etc are evolving faster.