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Twin Drum Mags for EVERYTHING!

Twin Drum Mags for EVERYTHING!

Hey Everyone! Marui released some new products to pimp and pump your gun with endless action. Who wouldn't like that? (*v*)/~

Website Launched

Website Launched

We thank you for your patience regarding the large maintenance we had, to re-new our store system and interface.

We are now providing all our International customers with the same prices as our domestic Japanese  customers which means lower costs!

Air Shotgun

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  • ¥17,107

    Tokyo Marui's Air Shotgun / Spas 12 is a model pursuing practicality in survival games and shooting games as well as reproducing the real style.

  • ¥19,699

    The M3 Super 90 which boasts high popularity in Japan appeared in the air shotgun series of Tokyo Marui which made three simultaneous launches possible by one cock. While cherishing the details and operation feeling of the phone, it is a model pursuing the performance as an airsoft gun and usability in game use.

  • ¥15,552

    M3 shotgun which is adopted by military and police of various countries including SWAT in the United States. The compact M3 Shorty which excluded the stock of the model excellent from operativity designed from ergonomics and upgraded the handling line-up with an air shot gun.