About us

About Echigoya:

Echigoya originally started back in 1993 as a small store of toys, airsoft guns and accessories in Fokuoka, Japan.

After a few short years, Echigoya became the top suppliers of TOP, Maruzen, CAW, Western Arms, KSC, Tanaka, Marushin, Tanio Koba, Systema and Tokyo Maru in Japan.

We have Four (4) branches located in different part of the country which in Akihabara(Main Branch), Shinjuku, Yokohama, Kita-Kyushu.

Our most recent venture came when we decided to open our door to international market.

Our success in Japan prompted us to make an English website so that everyone in the international airsoft community can come together and share in on the experience and the service that we have to offer.


We aim to offer products and services that no other online retailer does.

We aim to provide the best services we can offer including ordering parts that other stores/online retailers can't obtain such as Tokyo Marui original replacement parts and other well known Japanese Airsoft Manufacturers items.

We aim to be provide the most affordable prices for Airsoft products compared to other retailers that helps us to be ahead in the Airsoft retailing business .