Hi-Capa Xtreme



Tokyo Marui

25 rounds of high-cycle full auto model! 

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¥14,515 /¥14,515

Gun Length 200mm
Power Source Gas
Number of Bullets 31 + 1 shot
Gun Weight 862g

25 rounds of high-cycle full auto model! 
● new development <full auto-only gas blowback Engine> equipped. With a blowback cycle (40% speed up per cycle of blowback) that greatly exceeds gas blow back <semi-auto>, it achieves unprecedented high-speed launch cycle and recoil. 
● Characterized by different left and right markings and serrations, New design / 4.3inch size integrally formed slide. 
● Chrome stainless steel finish new parts for <Single Side Safety, Short Tail, Grip Safety> and <Ring Type Hammer>. 
● Standard semi-long 31 magazine type magazine. It is also possible to use Hikapa magazine 28 stations type and chrome stain type. 
● Tactical Rear Site, Short Trigger, Equipped with Picatinny Standard 20mm Rail Specifications Chassis. 

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