SR-16 Knights M4

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Tokyo Marui

M16 of Knights · Armament Co., which has developed various equipments for US military special forces, that is Stoners' rifle 'SR series'.

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Gun Length 863mm
Inner Barrel Length 364mm
Power Source Large
Number of Bullets 68
Gun Weight 3.25kg

The SR-16 that uses 5.56 mm × 45 bullets for Knights's M16 · SR-25 which uses 7.62 mm × 51 bowls is a model equivalent to Colt's M4A 1 carbine.
SR-16 made from selection of materials to sticking to parts precision was a finished line that devised a line from Colt's regular military model. This model called "Black Knights (= Black Knight)" with respect and awe from the elite of special forces is reproduced with the electric gun together with the style.

Equipped with metallic R.I.S.: Vertical · Foregrip and hand guard panel are attached to R.I.S. made of rigid aluminum die-cast with four 20 mm wide mounting rails on four sides.

● Completely reproducing the lower frame of Knights: Realistically reproduce the difference with Colt's lower frame, such as reinforcing the stock connection. It is a special finish that puts Knights's original logo mark on matte black.

● Compatible with various optical instruments: Various optical instruments corresponding to a rail width of 20 mm can be mounted on the upper rail mounting rail.

● Various muzzle options can be installed: If you remove the compensator, you can install a muzzle option with a 14 mm reverse screw specification such as a silencer.

● Easy Hop Adjustment: As you pull the charging handle, the port cover opens in conjunction with the dummy bolt retracting. Hop adjustment can be done immediately by dial type hop dial.

● Steel press magazine: 68 magazines and a normal magazine for M16 are included.
* There is no magazine compatibility with next generation electric cancers.

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