Tokyo Marui

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¥14,515 / ¥14,515

Gun Length 203mm
Power Source Gas
Number of Bullets 26 + 1 shot
Gun Weight 745g

● Adoption of large diameter piston cup: It fills the piston cup which is also 15 mm in diameter with gas for launch & blow back. It realized stable fire performance and powerful blow back. 
● Cocking indicator: By protruding the pin at the rear end of the slide, it is easy to judge whether the main body is in a state where it can be fired. 
Ambi · Mag release button: Operation is possible from either the left or right, you do not choose the dominant arm. 
● Grip back strap included: 3 types of S / M / L are included. You can adjust the grip comfort according to the size of the hand. 
● Two safety controls: Two safety devices, trigger safety and grip safety, are installed. It prevents accidental fire and accidental fire caused by falling. 
● Equipped with under rails: For under rails integrated with the frame, flash light etc. corresponding to Picatinny standard (20 mm width) can be installed. 

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