FN 5-7



Tokyo Marui

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¥13,651 / ¥13,651

Gun Length 208 mm
Power Source Gas
Number of Bullets 26 + 1 shot
Gun Weight 740 g

● Adoption of a new large diameter cylinder: By adding the increased capacity of the cylinder to the amount of gas release for slide operation, you can taste a heavy powerful recoil shock. 

● Realistic reproduction of the structure: Field stripping (disassembling) with a take down lever, safety type of Ambi type that can be operated from either side of the trigger, slide inner reinforcing the slide, etc. are reproduced. 

● Genuine exterior composition: Aluminum made outer barrel with alumite finish, front / rear sight made from die casting, plastic body and parts with stainless steel license plate, etc. Finished with reality in texture as well I will. 

● Equipped with under rails: For under rails integrated with the frame, flash light etc. corresponding to Picatinny standard (20 mm width) can be installed. 

● Real size magazine made by die casting: Magazine of 26 shots with large gas capacity and strong resistance to cold is attached. 

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