Night Warrior



Tokyo Marui

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¥13,651 / ¥13,651

Gun Length 223 mm
Power Source Gas
Number of Bullets 28 + 1 shot
Gun Weight 836g

● Highly camouflage effect coloring: Coordinate sniper gray frame and under rail for matte black slide and grip. By giving a gradation to black, it demonstrates the camouflage effect irrespective of light and dark place. 

● 10 - 8 type rear site: The 10 - 8 type rear site, highly evaluated as a tactical custom, secures a view like a coming off to the front site with a deeply scooped U - shaped notch. In addition, "one hand · cook" which can catch the slide by hooking the step of the rear site is possible, and it can deal with the missing situation such as when one hand is occupied. 

● Under rail: The frame can be placed under the rail of the Picatinny standard (width 20 mm), such as flash light. 

● Powerful Blowback: The slide recedes vigorously as soon as it is launched, and it is a model that realistically reproduces the apparent force and the intense recoil at launch. 

● Spare magazine for MEU: Magazine of 28 shots with nickel plating attached. 

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