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A light pro series of the real scale appears in the electric gun series over 10 years old!

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A light pro series of the real scale appears in the electric gun series over 10 years old!

Realistic real scales: Reproduce M4's custom model on the same 1/1 scale as the real one. It also reproduces gimmicks such as cocking by pulling the charging handle, stock that can adjust the length to 6 levels, and removable carrying handle.

Equipped with a 20 mm wide rail: Hand guard Equipped with rail hand guard with mount rails on the four sides of the top and bottom. You can install various optional parts corresponding to a rail with a width of 20 mm. Also, by removing the carrying handle, optical sites such as dot sites can be installed.

● Dual launch system installation: By setting batteries and electric shooting as well as pulling out a charging handle every one shot like an air cocking gun, even if there is no battery, you can manually enter semi - auto One shot) launch is possible.

● Full / semi-automatic switching type: You can switch between full auto emission and semi-automatic fire just by operating the selector on the side of the body. ※ If you pull the charging handle and cock, it will be semi-auto (single shot) launch.

● Realized a carry distance of 25 m: With a variable hop-up system capable of flying BB bullets far away with less power by giving rotation to bullets.

● Switchable rear site: By switching the L type plate back and forth, you can switch between the site for full auto and the site for semiauto.

Easy feeding to the magazine is also easy: Includes a sequel to the magazine popular about 340. It is a simple canned bullet that opens the hatch at the top of the magazine and pours BB bullets.

● Using 5 AA alkaline batteries: Refresh the AA batteries for operation inside the stock.

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