Hey guys, it's Sumi. Let me introduce you to Tokyo Marui newest item.

For those people who wanted to use a Drum Magazine so bad on their respective guns, now is the time! As Tokyo Marui released their newest product that will allow you to use the Twin Drum Magazine on any rifles. Except GBB Rifles though. Because that would be OVERKILL. (>.>)


This adapters allow you to use the Twin Drum Magazine to any rifle you want.

From Standard -> High Cycle -> and even Next Gens!! Now you can fully shoot full autos for the longest time without changing your mags! Isn't it dope?! 

(Be careful of your battery mAh though as it might go lowbat pretty quick). Gehehehe ~

You could quickly access the page by clicking this link :


*Just be careful and pick the right adapter that goes with your gun!*

Have a good Airsoft Game! ~(*o*)~