We thank you for your patience regarding the large maintenance we had, to re-new our store system and interface.

We are now providing all our International customers with the same prices as our domestic Japanese  customers which means lower costs!

This will mean all prices are in JPY currency but if you need we have added a currency changer on the top of our website so you may see the listing in your own countries currency.

As of the moment as we wanted to launch the website as soon as possible so not all items have been put up into our store so items will be added daily until all Tokyo Marui products as well as many other brands such as KSC,Marushin,Laylax etc. have all been put up onto our international online store so customers will have the same wide range of selection for optional parts and Japanese made airsoft guns as our domestic customers!

We will still be accepting manual made orders if an item you want is still not uploaded to our website so please contact us at info@echigoya-guns.com for any product inquiries or orders.


Regarding your account's we have migrated all your accounts to our new system so your old accounts should still work on our website but please after logging in be sure to update your shipping address!

Best Regards,
Echigoya Japan